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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Other Places, More Sculptures Part 3

So, I left off planning my walk for the next day. We were up fairly early. Nothing was planned for the conference to about 7 at night so we had the whole day practically to ourselves. Most of the group had no plans after breakfast, and they were planning on going to a winery in the early afternoon. So after breakfast I bid then adieu and headed out to find the rest of the sculptures on the map. Now, I knew this would be a long walk. To get to the first one I was looking at about a 3 kilometer trek then the walk back picking up most of the rest on my return. It wasn't that bad a day out and I was looking forward to it.

The first piece I was looking for was called "Time Piece". It was done by a student in Visual Designs at Okanagan Community College. It took me a little while to get there, but Kelowna in the main part is very flat. I am used to hills so it took me no time to get to the College. While I was wandering around the campus looking for the sundial, I stumbled across another sculpture. It wasn't on the map, and when I searched around it, I couldn't find a plaque anywhere. I snapped a couple pictures and carried on. I hoped that I would find someone that might have an idea on the name.
Oct 19-08 017Oct 19-08 018

I finally stumbled upon "Time Piece in the central courtyard of the campus. Steel plates welded together, rusting in the climate. A rather nice look. It was shaped like an open book with the pages caught in mid fan.
Oct 19-08 020Oct 19-08 019Oct 19-08 022
At the back was the actual part that you read for the sundial.
Oct 19-08 025Oct 19-08 026Oct 19-08 027
I was wondering how you read the time, there were no numbers really obviously noted. Then I looked closer at the inside of the sundial and got my answer. The triangles at the base of the sundial, click on the center picture for a better look, were notched. Reading from right to left gave you the time. The furthest right had seven notches, and the furthest left had five notches. So if you read the time right when I took this picture, it was approximately.... Well, you can figure it out. By the way, I forgot to adjust the time on my camera when I traveled out there. So the exif data is a little off.
Now the mystery piece. I saw that there was a security guard nearby in a little kiosk, so I thought that I would ask him if he knew the name of the piece in the front of the college. He thought for a minute and came up blank. Lucky for me he had been there for awhile and knew a little about how things had changed over the years. Apparently the sculpture had been about 30 feet closer to the main road for quite a few years. At the time there was a plaque associated with it. Well about 5-8 years previous it was moved and a parking lot put in. When they had moved the piece they forgot the plaque that went with it. So for the moment it will remain nameless.

And with that I returned whence I came, back to the downtown core. Of course I took the long way around. I had more pictures to take, and sculptures to find. Since I rambled on here, I shall pick this up again tomorrow. Keep walking.

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