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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Other Places, More Sculptures Part 4

Well, I had left Okanagan College campus and I was on my way back downtown. By way of a different route. There were a couple sculptures that I had to find and I had the map to follow. Thank goodness I had that map otherwise I may have missed some. I almost missed one though. It took me a little while to find where it was. I walked up and down one stretch of road past a couple of shopping plazas and strip malls till I found it. It was a little easy to miss if you didn't know where to look.

The piece was titled, "Peopled Place Part 2". It didn't make much of an impression on me. The description of it is much more grand than what I found.
Oct 19-08 035Oct 19-08 034Oct 19-08 032
It seemed more a hodgepodge of items attached to a frame vertically then anything else. At least I found it. I was also thankful for one of many coffee shops in the area. I took a few minutes to relax and take a weight off of my feet before continuing my mission.

After my short break I continued on. I made my way to Abbott st. where there were two pieces. Well two in name, one was six separate pieces. I couldn't find how to access the location of one and my time was running out. I did find the other one though. It's hard to miss blocks of cement on the side of the street.

The piece was called "Timeline/Waterline". What it did was try to capture parts of the history along the waterfront of Kelowna. Each block was a piece of coloured cement that had pictures inset on the sides. The top had the look of beach sand rippled by water. I wasn't paying much attention to the first couple and I missed an important part of them. In the top of beach block was a bronze medallion that represented a theme that it was dealing with. One had a pocket watch, another had a coin, and another had a military cap badge. Wish I wasn't in such a hurry at the time.

Oct 19-08 041Oct 19-08 042Oct 19-08 044
Oct 19-08 046Oct 19-08 048Oct 19-08 050
Oct 19-08 051Oct 19-08 054

Well I made it to the actual lake front by the time I got finished with "Timeline/Waterline", and there were a lot of sculptures here to capture. Checking my watch I knew that I had enough time to hit the waterfront and then the downtown area. So I stepped up my pace and continued.

There were quite a few actually. I first came across the childrens waterpark. Here there were two pieces actually. One was on the map, and the other was just too hard to pass up. The one that was on the map was called "Grizzly Bears". On a sculpted concrete base, made up to resemble a rock out crop, were three bears. A mother and her two young.

Oct 19-08 057Oct 19-08 058Oct 19-08 059
Not bad, but I think it was made with the thoughts of all the kids that would probably play on it. Also in the water park was this.

Oct 19-08 062
I think it was part of the Ogopogo theme that is ramapant in the valley.

I continued along the boardwalk that went along the lake. It was a beautiful day and was perfect for the walk. I came to the next piece which was carved from the remanents of a cottonwood tree. One of many that had blown down in a windstorm from years ago. "Renaissance of a Tree" is a carving showing a peregrine falcon.

Oct 19-08 067Oct 19-08 068Oct 19-08 069

The next one I saw I have already discussed in a previous post. That's the cenotaph for Kelowna.
Oct 19-08 070
Well, I was almost done with the water front, and ready to head into town. there were two pieces left on the waterfront to see. One was of good old Ogopogo itself. It has been a fixture of the city for quite awhile. And apparently visitors always are getting their pictures while sitting on it.


And the last piece on the waterfront is "Sails". This piece is considered the signature piece of the city. It's iconic form and shape is used to identify Kelowna and is on practically all it's literature. The flowing shape is very eye catching and I can see why it has become the signature piece. Even at night it still catches the eye.

SailsNov09-07 072
So next time I will finish up my tour of Kelowna's sculptures with the pieces along the downtown.

Keep walking.

Paladin Phil

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