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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Street Art

Walking around the downtown core you can see more then just the buildings, sculptures and people wandering around. Some sidewalks become canvases and stages for all manners of artists. One good area for this has to be the Eaton Center at Yonge and Queen. It attracts all manner of people and tourists so the street artists will flock here trying to earn a few coins. Quite a few of them are quite good at it at well. Most of them will take a picture of a painting and then expand it to fill the sidewalk.

What would have looked likeUnfinished PieceStreet Art

As well as great works of art you will find people that do other pieces as well like comic art.
Chalk artChalk ArtThree Pieces

The only problem I find with some of the chalk art on the sidewalks is that it's so ephemeral. Prone to weather and people. It's amazing how some people either don't see it or don't care. Me I tend to walk around it out of respect for the piece and the artist who spent so much time create it. Other people, not so much.
Ignored Art

Some things are a little more permanent and I guess it can be part of some advertising.
Chain Link SidewalkChain Link Sidewalk

And other things have a definite view point. Like this piece of stenciled art.
Sidewalk Graffiti
I don't know what they are trying to say, I just know how I take it.

Besides the chalk art on the sidewalks there are also a few performance artists. Some are well known here in Toronto. Like the "Silver Elvis". He will find a spot near one of the Eaton Center entrances and set up his post. He stands on small podium or base and assumes a pose and holds it. We will change postions about every minute or so with a flourish and hold his new pose. He does quite well, and I have seen him around the Eaton Center a lot when I am downtown in the summer.
June-09-2009 034June-09-2009 035June-09-2009 036June-09-2009 037

Well that's all I have for today, see you next time, and keep walking.

Paladin phil

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