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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cenotaphs: Part 3, Names and Simplicity

The interesting thing I have noticed about most cenotaphs and memorials is that they seem to have one thing in common. Most often they are simple in structure and design. Think about it. They are either columns, plinths, or slabs of polished stone. Even sculptures will follow a certain theme, soldiers or winged females. Still the simple stone column with wars, and names of fallen soldiers is one of the most striking in my honest opinion.

A good example is one not far from where I currently live. Just a column made of stone blocks with two carvings on the narrow sides and names of the fallen on the west and east sides.

At the north end of Queen's Park there is a memorial to the 48th Highlanders. On each side is a medallion and a list of battles and wars they have participated in.
48th Highlanders Memorial48th Highlanders Memorial48th Highlanders Memorial48th Highlanders Memorial48th Highlanders Memorial48th Highlanders Memorial
There are quite a few reserve units here in Toronto with long histories. Unfortunately I haven't really found all their memorials or cenotaphs just yet. My walks are still in progress and I will eventually add them to my collection of photographs.

One of the simplist ones I have seen has to be in The Beaches in Kew Gardens. Just a stone monument with the dates of all major wars that Canada has served in. I noticed as well that there is a blank spot that hasn't been filled in yet with a date.

Beaches Kew Gardens Memorial

And one final one that I saw when I was out west in Kelowna, British Columbia. This one is a newer one. Built of stone and listing all the names from the Great War, World War 2, and Korea.
Oct 19-08 073Oct 19-08 070Oct 19-08 071
It's interesting to view these cenotaphs and memorials. I always wonder how most people view them as they pass them. Do they pause to look? Do they pause and remember what they stand for? Do they give remembrance every day? Or do they just remember on one day? I am partial to the ones that have names carved into them. I can't say why really. Those ones seem to move me more then any other kind. Until next time, always remember.

Paladin Phil

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