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Monday, November 16, 2009

Other Places, More Sculptures Part 2

Time to carry on with my walk through beautiful Kelowna. I believe I last left off with walking through the "Fruit Stand". As I came to the end of it, I was near the public library which had two pieces standing in front of it. One was a spiral type of bench, and another was a vertical mobius strip of stainless steel. The bench had cutouts, impressions, raised parts, all natural animals and sea shells. The mobius strip was movable and could spin. Upon it were different characters from many languages done in different methods. I actually found out about how it could spin when I went into the library for more information. I looked out and saw a couple of teenagers riding it while another was spinning it. I learned that both pieces were together and it was called "Natural Language"

Natural LanguageNatural LanguageNatural Language
Natural LanguageNatural LanguageNatural Language

When I talked to the librarian, she gave me a pamphlet on all the public sculpture in the city, which also contained a map. This simplified things for me immensely. So with pamphlet in one hand and camera in the other I proceeded to tour the surrounding area. The next piece was rather simple to find. After all it was just a stone throw away from the hotel I was staying in and quite visible. This being part of British Columbia, Dolphins were the order of the day for "Rhapsody". It wasn't a bad piece considering it was made out of fiberglass. It was also very well maintained. A towering piece with three dolphins "swimming" around each other. In the sunlight it's a very bright and beautiful piece.

According to my map there were several pieces not far from where I was currently standing. Along the beach and in the marsh were approximately about 4 works. I guess the map was out of date because I was only able to find two of the pieces.
The first piece on the beach I found was "I Had A Dream". A block of marble that was carved out. It just looks like a boulder until you examine it closely. The artist carved representations of moving water into it. when you catch it in good light it does resemble moving water. As well on one face is inscribed a poem that he wrote for it in English and Chinese.
I Had A DreamI Had A DreamI Had A Dream
I tried finding two other pieces that were in the marsh not far from the marble block with no luck and on my return to the hotel I caught the other piece. Along the boardwalk beside the lake it was named, appropriately, "On the Beach". A bronze piece it showed a family relaxing and laying down. Like some bronze pieces it was very stylistic of people. Not too bad looking, I guess.
On the BeachOn the BeachOn the Beach

I was getting a little tired by this time, and hungry. It had been a long day, so I returned to the hotel and looked over the map and pamphlet I had in hand and planned my journey for the next day. It looked like it was going to be a long walk to capture with my camera a few more public sculptures.

Paladin Phil

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  1. Nice pics Phil.
    But screw the Art, that's a dune buggy in the background of your first pic !


    Nice shots.