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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Other Places, More Sculptures Part 5

The waterfront was behind me and I was now in the last leg of my walk. Just a few sculptures to find in the downtown section and I would be back at the hotel. Good thing too. I had received a message that the group would be going on a wine tour in about an hour. Checking my watch I saw that if I timed things right I would get back in plenty of time to spare. I headed along Bernard street since there were a couple there, and I would circle back towards Water street along a path to catch a few more.

First up after I passed "Sails" was whimsical piece in design and name. "Dancing Pedestrians" was between the sidewalk and street and the sculpture lived up to the name. Of course I don't think I have seen that many dancing pedestrians. Then again I live in a large city and the most we do is bob and weave around each other.
Oct 19-08 075Oct 19-08 076Dancing Pedestrians

Across the street in front of a coffee shop was a piece called "Tree Scape". Stone pillar that tried to evoke a sense of a tree trunk. Rather smooth with a notch taken out of a side.
Tree ScapeTree ScapeTree Scape

Luckily that the Kelowna downtown area is small. The next piece on my agenda was "Working Man". I like bronze pieces. They tend to hold up better over time then most other type of sculptures I have seen. This was one of a typical labourer sitting down waiting. Helmet on his knee and work box within easy reach when he was ready to get up.

Working ManWorking ManWorking Man

Just down the street is another piece. I don't know what it's called, but the best guess I can tell from the map I was able to find is "Aborvitae". I could be wrong, and if anyone out there knows for sure, please let me know. It looks like a tree down in bronze cylinders. It's older then some of the sculptures I saw and the weathering on it was really interesting and added to the look.

A short walk across the street and three more pieces to go. By the bus stop hub for the city was a steel piece called "Running Man". Three silhouettes of a typical looking business man interlocked. As a typical business men he appeared in a hurry.
Running ManRunning ManRunning Man

Across the street was what could be called the town clock. It is titled the W.A.C. Bennett Memorial Courtyard & Clock Tower. Pretty straight forward I think.
W.A.C. Bennett Memorial Courtyard & Clock TowerW.A.C. Bennett Memorial Courtyard & Clock TowerW.A.C. Bennett Memorial Courtyard & Clock Tower
And the final piece I saw that trip was called "Circle of Friendship".
Circle of Friendship
A very small piece overall. But very appropriate for the location. Just to the east of it, and I mean just east, was the entrance to a Zen Garden. I was running out of time, and it looked like something was going on. You can see two girls up to something in the left of my picture. From what I gathered from over hearing the group talk, it was some kinda of Anime fan get together. Zen, Anime, seems like a good mix I guess.

So that was my trek through Kelowna. Like I said, I go anywhere and I can find public art. I will return another time to show pictures of the winery we visited. Now that was an interesting experience. Best part about long walks? When you are done and can relax.

Paladin Phil

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