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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sculptures at Night, or Things One Shouldn't Attempt.

Good morning all. Yes Let's take a look at things you shouldn't do with a cheap point and shoot camera. Mind you some of the pictures came out well when the flash was used, and they are interesting in look. Of course I don't recommend doing this often, or holding them up as good pictures. Needless to say I have revisited some of the works of art and retaken the pictures in proper light. I will probably show how they look sometime this week.

Once you open your mind to what's out and around Toronto you are literally at times stumbling across sculptures. The ones I am showing today are what I found on my way to work one night and was too impatient to go back and view them in proper daylight.
Looking at them closely I have found that even with flash, night photography brings up artifacts, and grain. I am slowly learning about this on my own now with my new camera and how to avoid it mostly if possible.

So back to my night experiment. The first piece I saw was at one of the branches of the Toronto Public Library just east of Spadina on College. It looked so cool there that I had to stop and take some pictures. A gryphon and winged lion guarded the main entrance of the street, and the details around their feet could be easy to miss if you were hurriedly passing by. I caught some of the details at that time. Believe me I have found more.
GryphonWinged LionGuardianGuardian
Even during the day they are very impressive. Just you wait and see.

I carried on my walk to work and went down University ave. I had already captured images of a few sculptures already. One I somehow missed. I was probably on the wrong side of the street when I was walking by. "Pillars of Justice" was the title and it was in front of one of many court buildings on University Avenue near Osgoode Hall. Of course I tried to take a picture. The piece was light from above and below by lights. What do I do? I used a flash of course. The meaning of the piece is the twelve members of a jury, with a missing member that's supposed to be "you". To be honest, I only read the plaque this past weekend. There's been a lot of construction and upgrades going on in the area for the past year.

Aug 16-08 009Aug 16-08 011Aug 16-08 012
I have retaken this sculpture in daylight once already. So I will give a little teaser now.
Pillars of Justice

And the last sculpture that I found that night. One of those pieces that you could literally stumble across. Tucked away off of Wellington Street in what looks like an alley way or walk way between two buildings was "Pi". If I hadn't been alert and hyped up on coffee I think I would have missed it. How do I describe it? Ummmmm, let's just go to the pictures shall we?
Cubic Head ("Pi")Cubic Head ("Pi")Cubic Head ("Pi")

So until the next time, keep your eyes open. It's amazing what you will find when walking.

Paladin Phil

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