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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2008: Sculpture In Depth on Sorel Etrog

Looking through my pictures I took last year I realized that one artist kept popping up. He has a few pieces down near University and King St. West and a few on the University of Toronto campus as well. The artist is Sorel Etrog. I have shown one of his already previously here, and that was "The Hand", back on October 20th. There are a few that I haven't found around the city, but I will be looking for them now. He is a rather prolific artist and distinctive in style.

One of the three that are in the Financial district, is "Flight 2". It's easy to miss if you aren't paying attention. In front of an office building, situated in a planter. It's curves and twists seem to blend in. Trust me on this, I walked by it a few times before finding it.

Flight 2Flight 2Flight 2

Just up the street is a piece that is hard to miss. Title "Sun Life" it's right on the corner of University and King St. West. Appropiately enough the building is one of the Sunlife office buildings in the area. I remember seeing this piece of work for the first time back in 1998 when I was first in Toronto. I worked up the street in an office and on my lunch break I would grab a sausage from a vendor or read a book when the weather was nice. It seemed that it was placed and set up for that.
Sun Life 1Sun Life 2Sun Life 3
I may have to revisit this piece to try and take some better shots. I seemed to keep cutting off the top. Trust me, it was easy to do with the camera I had. Also I had to avoid stepping in traffic when I was taking one of the pictures.

Up at the University of Toronto campus I discovered two more pieces. One was standing out side of the nearby coffee shop and book store for the students and passerby's to enjoy. It's still a large piece, but at least it isn't gigantic. The name of the piece is "Survivors Are Not Heroes". I like the way Etrog uses shapes and curves in his work though.
Survivors Are Not HeroesSurvivors Are Not HeroesSurvivors Are Not Heroes

Not far from the above sculpture in the Hart House courtyard is the final piece that I had found at the time. You travel down a long corridor and it's directly in front of you, "Complexes of a Young Lady".
Entrance to the Hart House Courtyard
The lighting was something that I was still getting used to and it shows in some of these pictures. Still the I found the piece nice to view.

Complexes of a Young LadyComplexes of a Young LadyComplexes of a Young Lady

Well that's it for now. I will track down more of Etrog's work and eventually return to showcase it here. Until next time, keep your eyes open on your walks. You might see something more.

Paladin Phil

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