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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Public Sculpture: Wellington Street.

Well, I am trying to break this granite writers block today, so bear with me if I ramble a bit. The downtown core as I have said is full of works of art. Wellington and Front Street area is rife with them from about York st over to Blue Jay Way. I noticed that they tend to be placed in clusters for some reason. Either it's do to space issues, or lack of imagination on the planners that placed them.

There's a few around Metro Center at King st west and John street. One expansive one is in the business towers at the public entrances to the underground concourse and PATH system. The King street entrance and the Wellington entrance are similar. Stainless steel arrows in the gardens and a solitary pillar stand in the center of the grand entrance. The title of the piece is "Memoire Du Futur". As well in the planters are blocks of stone that appear to be from old buildings.
Memoire Du FuturMemoire Du FuturMemoire Du FuturMemoire Du Futur

In the park between the buildings and also bracketed by Metro Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a grand piece that is part fountain. A grand piece must have a grand name. The title is "The Poet, The Fever Hospital". Still wondering about the title. I think it might have something to do with the hospital sheds that used to be located near there from the 1847 Irish immigration.
The Poet, The Fever HospitalThe Poet, The Fever HospitalThe Poet, The Fever HospitalThe Poet, The Fever Hospital
At the Northwest corner, a touch east actually, of John and Wellington street is group of sculptures. Not separate pieces, just part of the same one. The title is "Remembered Sustenance". Sometimes I wonder how the artists come up with names for simple pieces of work. The piece is a scattering of animals all over the lawn here. Some heads are up, others down. This will definitely be another piece I will be revisiting with my new camera. Saturday looks good.
Remembered SustenanceRemembered Sustenance 3Remembered Sustenance 4
I think I have broken enough of my block today. Still hard to get the words flowing. See you all tomorrow.

Paladin Phil

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