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Friday, November 13, 2009

Other Places, More Sculptures

I haven't just walked in Toronto. I do keep my eye out where ever I do go. One location was Kelowna B.C. when I was there for a business conference last October. We got off the plane and traveled to our hotel on Lake Okanagan and I saw at least 4 pieces that looked interesting while we were getting out of our cab. I unpacked my bags in my room and grabbed my handy dandy camera and went walking. Nothing was planned till the next evening and I had a little free time. I will probably make three posts out this trip off and on, since there was quite I few that I located.

Outside the hotel were a few pieces just set to be viewed. The first piece is called Untitled. Nothing much to it really on first glimpse. How it's set is a different story all together. A block of wood that's been carved out and the center seems to have weathered and rotted away. Among it are planted flowers and other perennials to add to it.

Close by to it was another piece. Shaped steel warped and folded and welded to form an odd shape. It then looks like the creator primed it and left it as is. This piece is called "Skagway".
I don't know what Skagway means, I tried doing an internet search and only cursorily pulled up Skagway Alaska. Who knows?

No far from the first two pieces was another rather grand piece. "Concept to Creation" seemed to be an interesting piece, and the sculptures tried to evoke the title. With the head showing imagination, and the other piece seeming to act upon the thought. The posts were inscribed with all sorts of ideas, pieces of poems, and other forms of expression.
Concept to CreationConcept to CreationConcept to Creation

The art work seemed to move from one point to another. As you approached one, you saw another one nearby. The next one I approached was just across, again from "Concept", and was a pathway. The piece was rather large and called "Fruit Stand". It invoked part of the history of the Okanagan valley which got it's start as an orchard valley. It still has a lot of orchards there, but that's not it's only claim to fame. The walkway lead you past large pieces of fruits. The type that are grown there. As well were small mosaics of the companies that used to employ and ran the orchards.
Fruit StandFruit StandFruit StandFruit Stand
This walk is going to take awhile to talk about. I will leave this for now and allow you to enjoy what I discovered. Every journey begins with a small step, and sometimes a long jet flight.

Paladin Phil

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