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Friday, November 20, 2009

2008: Public Sculpture Part 2

Having worked awhile downtown Toronto, I believe that I found most of the public works by accident. Some are easy to spot, others not so easy. I will take a look at the easy ones today. After all it's hard to miss something right on the street, big as life and twice as handsome. The King and University area has quite a few if you stop to ponder it. As I have previously shown a few here, there are a bit more as well.

For example on the other side of the Sunlife building at the corner of King and York there's a smaller bronze sculpture. Standing erect just off the street by a small water pool. It stands about my height I guess and is very sedate in look. The name of the piece is "Parent 1". I don't know if there are any others by the name, you would think so with the title.
Parent 1Parent 1Parent 1

Just down on University, at Wellington there's a large flowing piece. Made of highly polished steel it looks like. "Pas de Trois" is the name. It's rather brilliant in the full sun of the day.
Pas de TroisPas de TroisPas de Trois

On the east side of the street is an easily missed piece. It disguises and is part of a ventilation grate from a below ground parking garage. Once I learned of it and knew about it, it still took me a couple of attempts to find it. "Architectural Sculpture", the name of the piece, is very hard to see. As you can see from the pictures I took it's not that hard to miss. I will probably need to return to get some better shots of this one as well.
Architectural SculptureArchitectural SculptureArchitectural Sculpture

Finally for today is "Marlin" by Andrew Posa located at Wellington and Simcoe. Just a block west from University and a block south of King street. This piece juts up from the sidewalk on the corner, almost like the fish it's probably named for. With the name and the look that's the assumption I am making. I will one day try to find more information on the piece and creator. Alas, I have so much to keep track of I don't know if I will ever find the time.
Andrew Posa "Marlin"Andrew Posa "Marlin"Andrew Posa "Marlin"Andrew Posa "Marlin"
This weekend I think I will revisit some sites with the new camera and try to see if I can do better. Keep walking.

Paladin Phil

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