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Friday, June 22, 2012

365 Project Update V

365-46: Rain Drops
Rain Drops
Sometimes, sunglasses aren't just for sunny days.
365-47: Blown Tubes
Blown Tubes
Yes, sometimes I suck at changing tire tubes. Walking will commence until they are replaced.
365-48: Morning Sun
Morning Sun
Walking, I forget how I miss scenes like this flying by at top speeds.
365-49: Nasty Look
Nasty Look
I see the Batmobile, where's the Batman?
365-50: Monsters
They are out there, and I must vanquish them.
365-51: A Path
A Path
One less travelled, or a voyage of adventure.
365-52: Intersection
At night, the traffic never sleeps.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toronto Photo Walks: CRRD II

It's amazing what you see when out and about at times. I mean really, all sorts of interesting things. Then there's the post processing I am starting to experiment with and have fun with. Almost there, just a whole batch more of pictures to process. Then there's the weekend looming, which means even more pictures. It's a vicious cycle....

Water Droplets Thou Shalt... Cross WalkUmm, ladies?Pink Galore! Just A Phase...Gothic SkyIvy Covered Worm Eye ViewQuestion EverythingThe Lost, and Found CraneWaiting for the TrainArt Not willing to let goAnd the light shone throughRed Sihlouette Darkness LurksA Seed AwaitsBehind You Drum Hands

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toronto Photo Walks: CRRD I

Almost caught up...this walk was almost two weeks ago. Why the initials? Well, we wandered through a series of parks starting at Eglinton West station and heading down to Cedarvale park, then through Roycroft Park, Ramsden Park, and eventually David A. Balfour park. At least that was the plan. So we get the initials CRRD. Makes sense right?
Well, here we go for a mostly natural walk.
Strange SightPath and PathPeeling, Rusting Steps into the TreesDirk and LilyAngling
The Trees Grow...
Tag!Egos Aside Buttercup BugThe ChurchAshes of Memory Mirror BallBhudda in ChainsBright and Pink! Watch your Head
WaitThey Rush Hamburgers

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Great Canadian Photo Walk III

Going through my blog posts and I realized that I hadn't completed the end of the Google + photo walk. So here are the rest of the ones I considered to be good enough. OUCH! Stealth BikeGetting the Shot Blind PiperSteam PowerSkyline The Tower Night Skyline G + Night Skyline Night Skyline