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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Winter Shots

Finally, I think I am close to being fully caught up. Here are some random shots that I took wandering around in the weather. Snow, snow, and more snow mostly. It was a brutal winter and I am glad it's past us finally. As we are entering a week of daily double digits on the plus side I can now look back on the cold and snow and wish it a hearty farewell.

The Snowy Tree
Coated in the MorningOrange Snow Idling Construction
BlanketedAlmost Infrared TunnelNot A Cherry TreeThe Icy Road Whitish
A Sign of Spring?Robin in the Snow Fluffed Up

Monday, April 29, 2013

March Dim Sum II

Yeah it was a short walk over all. Temperature dropped a bit, clouds rolled in, and it started sprinkling rain off and on. We wandered a few alley ways checking out some of the graffiti. Went inside a couple places and finished off at a coffee shop. Not a bad day over all. Got some of use hoping for the start of the Pedestrian Sundays this summer.

Brignt AlleyBlack and WhiteShield In Action
StumpedTesting it out Radials
SeatGallery Market Watcher Dirk Amongst His Fans

Friday, April 26, 2013

March Dim Sum

I can't believe I didn't post any of these yet. Tidying up the old hard drive the other day moving pictures to my external hard drive I came upon this day. I had done some processing of a couple of them for a project but I hadn't done anything else. A forgetful mind is a horrible thing sometimes. Then again, there's little surprises like this.

Yep it was one of our monthly Sunday Dim Sum walks. Followed by a saunter through Kensington Market. The day was foreboding and threatening of rain. Still it wasn't that bad overall.

The Look of TroubleEnd of Dim SumKill StapledInto the MarketLooking for Master Guarding the ScooterBubble BlastMoment of Creation Free BubblesPeace MakerIce Lady RearingThat Old TruckPanda Stanley

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toronto Photo Walks: Trinity Bellwood VIII

Last of the batch today. I am only two weeks behind now instead of the months. Well, there's all those snippets here and there from previous months I will get around to. Anyway. The glorious light from the morning had faded to the gloomy overcast of the afternoon. Not to mention the temperature dropping. We called it an early day and stopped to warm up. Overall though, we did find a lot of great subjects for shooting. Besides our fellow photogs that is.

Lost ShoeSkylineThe Octagon SQUIRREL!!!Anticipation?Fence Post Art Honk!An Evil Grin_PKE6150 A GatheringRoof Tug BoatWhistling Away Green Squirrel!Bummer Birth Mark HalLost Keys Blue FrogBetween The RailsHooped! Mirrored and Mirrored