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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Queen West 3

Okay, don't have much to say today. Another case of let the pictures talk. Always RememberWiredWalking The Wheat Sheaf
Oh, so tired.Intent BrunchBreaks DoneBuildings BuildingsBuildingsBuildings BuildingsRail landsParallel Bathurst Bridge GO Train

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Queen West 2

After the park we wandered east on Queen St. and then ducked down into the portion of Graffiti Alley west of Bathurst St. Taking pictures of the street scenes, store windows, and anything else we liked. _PKE7336 The Lost Stuffed Member of ZZ TopWhat a door.
Wannabe...Low RiderIt's got appeal A in a rowWho?Group Seperation Shine a little LightFlock of PigeonsThe Doorway Cornered
Butchers and MonstersGap

Monday, November 28, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Queen West

Been feeling blah lately, no inspiration, fewer photos. I think it was time for another photo walk. On the best of days, they can inspire me. Worst of days? At least I can get something I can use. This was a better one. Lots of inspiration, lots to see, and lots of great company. The walk started at the south end of Trinity Bell Wood park, I was running a little behind so I caught up with the group at the north end of the park. I took a short cut. The day was nice, started off a little overcast, not too cold, and no precipitation in the forecast. A nice day to shoot subjects. One of the nice things about the park was the dog off leash park. Or as one friend said, plenty of subjects for Dog Mondays...Do I post a lot of dog shots on Mondays? Going to have to check that out. I may have a pattern that I wasn't aware of. So needless to say it's Monday, and yes there are dog shots involved. Path goes down.ShackNOTICE! Path goes UP!Aged sidingRust I SAID.....ROUGH!PLAY!PLAY! Wrapped around my feetDownward DogGiving some English Running through the leavesDangling, a Zombie Horde RemenantDangling, a Zombie Horde Remenant Hooorooom....Tough GuyPARK!!!