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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ottawa Winterlude II

Those that enjoyed the ice skating had lots of fun. There were enough of them. about 4 of us weren't brave enough to get out there. Me for one, I wasn't willing to brave my lack of skills with photography and cameras out there. I did manage to have fun on the sidelines capturing everyones antics though.

This WayDon't Let Me Fall Kick OneConga Line And...Kick Two Out of Sync Happy!Closer Ready For AnythingLet me see? Max And...Go!

On a side note. Friday March 1st, I will be participating in another gallery exhibition. At The Playground on 605 College St. in Toronto Ontario the show "Balloons" by the Mariproject is set to open at 8 pm. If you are around and want to come out please do. If not Friday, the show is going on until the end of March. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ottawa Winterlude I

Right, now that December is done and caught up with. Lets work our way backwards here. Just to keep things fresh, well to be honest someone needed to see some pictures before she went on vacation so I had to get them done and online. Last weekend (Feb 15-18) I got on the Greyhound bus, booked a room in a hostel, and made my way to Ottawa, Ontario. Our nations capital. The mission? A "Hangout In Real Life" with a bunch of Google+ photographers. Yes it's winter, yes it's Ottawa, and yes it was very cold. Don't think I will be doing that again in the near future.

Anyway, Friday night I met up with three of my online friends (now I can call them real life friends :)) and did some "ghetto studio" photography. Not much to show from that really, maybe in another random hodge-podge of a post. Saturday we all met up, about 13 of us, down in Confederation Park to check out the ice sculptures. A lot of people working on the ice when we were there.

Everyone was then gathered up and we were off to the Rideau Canal for ice skating. Those of us that could and were brave *cough*foolish*cough* enough to get on the ice. Fun times. The Start It's ColdLacing Up SmilingShadow, and IceAhhh, Love Quick StopGreatest of EasePhoto Bomber Okay, We are here.Line UpEverybody Conga!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

End of the Year Two

Of course a year end post has to include New Years Eve. I met one of my photography friends out at a pub. Better then staying at home really. The pub was Grossmans Tavern on Spadina Ave. A band was involved and live music can be so much more energetic than a DJ in my opinion. The crowd was good, the band was amazing, and a good time was had. Unfortunately since it was almost two months ago, I forget the name of the band. I do know that they had a Greatful Dead sound and a lot of followers.

Drum SetTuning UpEnjoying Belting it Out
PeaceSmiles Blue Dancer
Hands UpInto It Blowing the Harmonica Ready to Drop

Monday, February 25, 2013

End of the Year

Okay, getting caught up again. Finish off December and 2012 and we will go from there. These pictures were taken in the last weeks of December. From friends, and travel locations it was a busy time for me.
Christmas LightsFamilyRubber Duckies to Go Sparks Fly
Towels evenToo Much?

Taking Himself For A WalkMorning LakeCold Park Snow CoveredWaiting TreesEmpty Port

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Weekend Exploration III

I finished off capturing the sculptures in and around Baycrest Hospital and moved on to other locations. I found my way to Don Mills and eventually down by the Ontario Science Center. By this time I was cold and tired and ready to go home. I will be returning to the Science Center some time shortly, and this time I will be bringing my tripod for some night shots. If it isn't snowing.
Song of Deborah Song of DeborahSong of Deborah Song of Deborah
Song of DeborahSong of Deborah Web and Stings
Web and StingsWeb and Stings Web and Stings SupernovaSupernovaSupernova Supernova
AmpitheaterConstellationsLit Up