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Friday, July 30, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk Day Part 5: Odds and Ends

Well the week is almost over so time to finish up the World Wide Photo Walk pictures. Just bits and pieces from here and there that didn't fit with a theme from the past few days. Enjoy.

Bull Rush
Warning LightsLooking for Perspective
Rail Line
The Muddy Don RiverTrain Bridge
Muddy Paw
Raspberry cupDown into the valley
Green Lichen
Down into the valleyDOGGIE!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk Day Part 4: The Brick Works

The Brick Works isn't just about wetlands now. The old buildings are in the process of being recovered and renovated. A group called Evergreen has been restoring a lot of the area. Getting new uses out of the buildings, keeping most of the architecture from the old site and making it more environmentally sound. A lot of history here, and not just recent. Part of the whole thing is the organic farmers market on Saturdays and future plans for one building to contain artist workshops.

Pond Reflection
Farmer MarketBroken windows
Broken windows
Rounding upTour Guide One
Pile o'Bricks
Fruit shotNo More Market

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk Part 3: The Bugs Edition

Not bugs as in computer bugs, but bugs as in insects. I gave my macro lens a real work out down in the Brick Works wet lands area. I also risked life and limb trying to get pictures of stinging insects. I think most turned out really well.

Dragonflys on Lily PadsDragonflys on Lily Pads
Bumble Bee
Queen Annes LaceRed Beetles
Honey Bee
Monarch Butterfly

I will say that sneaking up on bees and wasps is a touchy proposition. As well sneaking up on butterflys isn't easy at all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk Day Part 2: Birds and Animals

Well, there will be no following time lines this week. Just themes and stuff. I was using my telephoto, my macro, and my wide angled lenses. All sorts of fun stuff to see. I think some of the fun stuff was the duck ponds down at the Brick Works. Birds and turtles and wild life. As well as on the way there.

Wood Peckers
Wood PeckersWood Peckers

Black Crowned Night Heron
Black Crowned Night HeronBlack Crowned Night Heron

Shell Shot
Sunning TurtlesSunning Turtles
Painted turtle

Monday, July 26, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk Day

Well this past Saturday was another photo walk again. Not just a regular photo walk, but a World Wide Photo Walk. The concept was created by one person, Scott Kerby, where different groups would get together and walk around on the same day. It was supposed to be about fifty people per group and then you post pictures, or your best picture online to be judged as well. I am still looking for my best picture.

Well our group was going to be doing the Don Valley area and the Don Valley Brick Works for our contribution to the effort. It was a hot muggy day with rain forecast for it as well. The starting point was Castle Frank station and we would be wandering through a fancy neighbourhood before entering the Don Valley.

The Meet Point
Sheltering from sun and rainCastle Frank Station

We waited for everyone to show up, and started to take our pictures of the area and prepped with umbrellas and rain gear as it rained a little here and there.

Bloor Viaduct
The HordeDirk Duckly, ready to pose
And finally we couldn't wait any longer and were off and running, or walking at least...

And They were off.
Nice House