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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sculptures: Here There and Over That Way

Just a little blurb and locations of some sculptures I took in 2008. I have said before that they are all over the place. Once you open your eyes you can't stop finding the things. Another reason why I like walking when the weather is nice and I have the time. You tend to find things that you would normally miss on your daily commute. Of course some pieces you can't miss. Here are two pieces on Bloor street east that you can't really miss.

First we have "Meeting Place" by Kosso Eloul. He's done some other works and I will get to him later. I wonder how many people ignore this work now?
Church and Bloor(Meeting Place)Church and Bloor(Meeting Place)Church and Bloor(Meeting Place)

Just down the street, and across from Jarvis on Bloor is a rather long piece called "The Community". This was the original inspiration of me starting my sculpture journey. Of course I was walking around at the time. With my mom actually visiting old places that she remembered from her young adult years.
The CommuniyThe CommunityThe Community

Now remember how I was saying you could find stuff if you just walked? Here's a piece that I discovered by accident really. Off the main travel path, and I normally wouldn't have had any pressing need to visit the spot. Up in North York by the Center for the Performing Arts. I was just exploring one evening and found it.

Well I think that will be it for today. I may do some posts over the weekend or not. I plan on going on a "Photo Walk" down in The Beaches tomorrow. Should be fun. Get those boots laced up. It's cold out there.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kensington Market: Part 2

I have said most of what I need to say. The area though is rich in history. Here's some pictures of the synagogue, Al Waxman "The King of Kensington", and more buildings with art on them.

Kensington SynagogueKensington Synagogue

Al WaxmanAl Waxman
Graffiti ArtKensington Market

And that's it for me today. Keep the boots to the pavement.

Paladin Phil

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sculptures: The Return....

Yep, I have taken more pictures of some sculptures with the Nikon I am now working with. Made a big difference. Won't say much, just show the new pictures and if you want to go digging in my small archive, see the difference. Well here's a few for starters, and I will post some more another time.

Toronto Public LibraryToronto Public Library
Toronto Public Library

Full CircleFull CircleFull Circle
The Last AlarmThe Last AlarmThe Last Alarm

Happy Hunting.

Paladin Phil

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Bonus Post

Was out having a smoke and saw a critter. Went back inside and grabbed my camera and managed to track him down in the back yard. Alas I was foiled by poor light and couldn't get a good focus on him. So here's the bad night shot....


Downtown, Kensington Market

I used to live in Toronto a long time before I moved back here now. Back in the early 70's we used to live at Queen and Bathurst. My father was a mailman and part of his route was Kensington Market. Of course we shopped there because it was close and had everything we needed within a short walk of everything. After we moved out of the city I returned to Kensington Market as part of a field trip back around 1985. I was...disappointed. The area seemed to have been sanitized. Back when I lived and shopped there, you would see crates of live chickens stacked up in front of the butcher shops. The aromas, and odors were thick in the area. Summer was an assault on all the senses as well. Now a-days you can get a hint of the aroma if you know what you are looking for on a street or two. So one day I drew up my courage and went to wander the neighbourhood. I found that there are still a butcher shop or two, the cheese store hasn't changed at all, and all the fruit stands are still there. Now though there are a lot of coffee houses and knick knack stores. It's colourful at the least and lots of art work on the walls. I took a lot of pictures and have been back again. So I will probably have a few posts on this just showing pictures. I may return again to update locations that I haven't snapped yet. So enjoy the views, and thanks for reading my ramble from my memory of my history.
Building artStreet Scene
Another BuskerWaiting?
Kensington MarketBuilding Art

Friday, January 22, 2010

Buildings: Part Whatever

Alright, I have lost track of how many posts I have done on buildings. I am also too lazy this morning to go digging. Downtown Toronto is just loaded with all types and styles. From modern, to old, to in between. Here's a few I took just walking from Bloor and Bathurst to Kensington Market.
Honest Ed's
Blue Front
Fire Hall Hose tower
Front or Back?
St. Stephens in the Fields
Should keep better track of post topics. Maybe write it down some where. Oh well. One final note. I realized that the camera lens minorly distorts the view. Apparently there are settings you can use in Photoshop to correct for it. I may do it eventually. I do like the look on long building shots though.

Paladin Phil

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snowy Days

We haven't been getting much snow here in Toronto this year. Have the winter temperatures most of the time though. When you can catch it, it's worth the time to break out the camera and take some pictures.

Snowy Days
Snowy Days
Snowy Days
Snowy Days
Snowy Days
I need some warmer boots I think.

Paladin Phil

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

University of Toronto Campus: Part ??

I haven't returned to the topic of the UofT campus for a little while now. Time to show some of the stuff that's all over the place there. Of course this means sculptures today. I think I will start by Hart House. I know I have talked about the one piece by Sorel Etrog, but there are a few others in that location.

This piece is really neat. I will definitely have to take some video of it to show what it looks like when you view it in real life.
Mask #1Mask #1
It's one of those 3D optical illusions done in stone. I have seen some stuff like this in other places, mostly done in paper.

In the courtyard of Hart House there are three pieces, Complex of a Young Lady by Sorel Etrog, which I have detailed previously, and two others. The first one is just a sundial.
On the south side is a typical sculpture called "Lacing Up".
Lacing UpLacing Up
One other piece that's on the south side of Hart House. Just on the street outside of the book shop called "Run 2001". This one is movable so I think how it looks changes from day to day.
Run 2001Run 2001Run 2001
As you can see the pieces could be picked up with a little effort. I know the third part could fit in my backpack no problem.

Well, that's it for today. Have fun.

Paladin Phil