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Friday, November 30, 2012

Random end of the Week

Well, not so random really. After the photo walk I met up with some other photographers from Google + for Drink and click. Said hi, had a beer, took some pictures then wandered off again. Going to have to wander the downtown core getting some of the Christmas lights that are in full bloom now. Ready for TakeoffPink CloudsDrink And Click Toronto Infamous Tree
Awesome Bathroom Graffiti Christmas Tree Old Stampededer Fan
45A sign Strings of Lights
TurningStraight All the Way to the end

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Toronto Photo Walks: East End III

A cold windy day. I finished up at lunch. Got distracted by something else, and I had other plans in the evening. I have to say though that we had good light and even better company.
AffectionThe Crowd StopsGO Thunder ThighsRose and HipsLast of the Daisies Hanging Willow SleekThree Men and a WallOld Wall YurtWait, We Have Met?Eclectic Inventory

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Toronto Photo Walks: East End II

Old cars, dying foliage, great light, and strange buildings. We have been through this area before. Sometimes you have to do some areas more then once. The seasons change the scenery. Light changes your style. So much involved, in such a simple past time.
Of course, people here as well change the mix.
WebbyHeading for the shotCuring the Blind Door Grate
Frost VictimCloser Lone LeafGreen FrondsBack Alley StingrayNiantic EvolvedFlags

Monday, November 26, 2012

Toronto Photo Walks: East End I

A cold bright Saturday this weekend. Rumours of snow, but that was it. We met up at Merchants of Green Coffee to fortify ourselves in the cold. We ended up staying longer then expected. Good coffee, comfy seats, what more can you ask for to start the walk?

Enjoying the SunBig Comfy ChairComfy Too Sail Ho!Sailing ShipUrban Camoflauge Broken FlowerGrassApproaching the Victim No, Not Me!TauntingFetal Position