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Friday, May 17, 2013

Toronto Photo Walks: Bloor South West Village II

Spring, glorious spring.

The Crescent MoonPurple FlowersExperiment Birch Flower
Up HillNice Hat Blue SombreroRooster CombPK3_0951 Tulip TreeShooting the ShrubModeling the Pink Ball Just Leave That ThereShadowy StairsWeeping Willow

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Toronto Photo Walks: Bloor South West Village I

Been distracted lately again. Then again, I was even more picky about the pictures I chose to post. Going to be happening more I think.

After I shot the pictures of the cherry blossoms I biked over to the lunch stop, locked my bike up and wandered up to our meeting point for the start of our walk. I think this was an area that we hadn't covered yet in our photo walks. The start point was an end point last year though. Tends to happen.

We walked through an older neighborhood that had a lot of hills, houses, and beautiful spring shots. It was a big change from the walk two weeks previous.

We wallowed in the spring temperatures and beauty.

CanadianCheesy CarSerenaded by the Navy League Wear a flower in your hairCranesBox Fit SwingLinesThrough the Gate Bright DaffodilTulips, Daffodils, SpringStopping on the Street Through the Budding LeavesSQUI...err... Chipmunk!Tired

Friday, May 10, 2013

Toronto Sakura

Sakura: defn: A Japanese flowering cherry tree. In High Park here in Toronto there are numerous Somei-Yoshino cherry trees that were donated by Japan back in 1959 and some more back in 2001. It's a very festive time of the year when they finally bloom and the area gets quite busy. I missed out last year due to time and weather among other things. This year the timing was perfect for me and the plans for the day. We had a photo walk scheduled for that morning starting at Jane and Bloor which is a short bike ride from High Park so I left home really early to get there before the crowds arrived. I misjudged the timing and the crowds. Saturday morning at 0820 hrs was when I arrived. The crowds had beaten me to the area. At least it wasn't crazy, stupid busy yet.

I parked my bike by the Grenadier Cafe and walked west to the major location of the cherry blossoms. The day and light were perfect over all. I wandered down the hill taking pictures of trees and people. Trying to angle my shots to get as few people in them as possible. A little difficult at times. I spent about half an hour working the area before packing up and moving on.

Next year I will have to do it again. Except I will go even earlier. Sunrise and cherry blossoms. Hmmmm, now I need a model for it.

PK3_0823PK3_0824PK3_0825 PK3_0827PK3_0828PK3_0835 PK3_0826PK3_0839PK3_0842 Shooting SakuraPK3_0843PK3_0844 PK3_0846PK3_0848PK3_0849 PK3_0859PK3_0871PK3_0868 PK3_0849PK3_0861PK3_0867 PK3_0873PK3_0876PK3_0878 PK3_0879 PK3_0884