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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doggie(!!) Model Shoot

Okay, my friend SusieG is having some issues, or had. Turns out the person that was going to help her with Toby, the rescue, isn't. So she can't afford to really keep two dogs around so she was going to post something on Kijiji. So last Friday I get and e-mail asking for help. Help with what? Well, you see she needed some good pictures to go with the posting. She had a great write up already, just needed something more. So home from work I go, get all my gear sorted out and ready. A lot of gear sorted out and ready. You never know exactly what you will need until you don't have it. And off to her place I went. I set up an umbrella, first as a reflective, than switched it around to a shoot through instead for softer light. I took some practice shots. Mostly to get both Nietzsche and Toby used to the pops of the strobe. Then SusieG and I started trying to model Toby. Issues after issues. Nietzsche being the hog he was kept trying to horn in. Then there was trying to get Toby to sit in one position. Finally, there was the issue of shooting a black dog. *sigh* Most issues were over come. A friend came over and was able to assist. Light covers were found so Toby didn't blend into the dark background, and pictures were taken.

Post Processing was a breeze. Changed light levels, made sure that Toby wasn't a black amorphous mass, and the winners were selected. I did all the post processing on her computer using the Sony picture software she had. These pictures are all unprocessed. So here we go. Fun times had by all.

_PKE3367 _PKE3368_PKE3370 _PKE3371 _PKE3372_PKE3374 _PKE3375 _PKE3376_PKE3377 _PKE3378 _PKE3383_PKE3386 _PKE3390 _PKE3392_PKE3395 _PKE3412 _PKE3416_PKE3423

And the winning pictures? HERE WE GO!!!

_PKE3415 _PKE3431

Now the ones that were used were cropped partially and had some light work done to them. These were the two best shots, according to SusieG. The good news is that a prospective owner is being interviewed shortly. Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Randomness Strikes Again

Yep, no common theme except stuff I see on the way to work and on the way home. Birds, trees, buildings, clouds, sunrises, sunsets... Yeah, nothing in common what so ever. _PKE3334_PKE3337_PKE3349 _PKE3342 _PKE3340SQUIRREL!!!! Birds on a wire _PKE3315_PKE3316 _PKE3318_PKE3320_PKE3322 _PKE3319 _PKE3326_PKE3328

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's a Black and White World

You know, shooting digital is fun. I like the looks of film though and finding out what you shot after wards. Whether something is in focus or not, too bright or a little too dark. Sometimes the point of focus isn't where you thought it was. Little things like that. Generally, if you composed right, the small "errors" aren't really mistakes. I am finding that some of the looks of my film pictures are different from what I am shooting in digital. I don't know why that is. They just seem, different, somehow. Need to finish off a roll and shoot some more. 400Kentmere008 400Kentmere009400Kentmere011 400Kentmere012 400Kentmere013400Kentmere014 400Kentmere018 400Kentmere019400Kentmere020 400Kentmere021 400Kentmere022400Kentmere023 400Kentmere024 400Kentmere025400Kentmere026 400Kentmere006 400Kentmere003400Kentmere004