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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Toronto Zombie Walk 2012 III

We took a small break before the walk began and afterwards we went to find the march. As we wandered down Dundas we found stragglers here and there before we found the actual march. The hordes were fairly small from what I have seen before. That doesn't mean that there was a lack of good costumes. In fact, there were a lot of amazing looks and styles out and about.

Spiky Looking for the walkAll Dressed up She Wants him for his BrrraaainnnsZombies filtering byBloody Wanderers Happy to see me?DrenchedYoung And Old Too Close!SnarlGazing Next?The eyes.Proper Zombie Look The Walk ArrivesIn frontStare Zombie HerdersMoans and BloodGlancing Looks Like Waldo got found

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Toronto Zombie Walk 2012 II

Zombies, zombies everywhere. And not a shotgun in hand. Shooting with a camera is great for recording your final moments, it's lousy survival technique though. I guess I survive to post these pictures due to the fact I was acting brainless. Not a good prey for brain eating zombies.

In all her gory. On the Rampartshanging out Zombie MistressI think I should go now...Ramparts Finger Crunching Good!Bucket of What?More of the Horde Fancy
Zombie QueenLet Us Go
Even the DogI mean DogsNice Outfits Sniffing out BrainsThe FamilyThat Moans Together Eats Brains togetherIn the MallOn the Stree

Monday, October 29, 2012

Toronto Zombie Walk 2012 I

The Day started off dark and foreboding...
Dark, and Forboding
Okay, not really. Nothing like a little artistic license in processing. Anyway, I had to be downtown for another appointment, so I decided to meet a few friends for the day of the shambling dead. The walk itself is fun, but even more fun is getting to the assembly point and watching all the people getting set up and mouldering in place. Even creepier is that some seemed to lock on and follow certain people. Hungers ScoutingShambling Not so cuteStalkingOn Guard Beware of the washrooms. They are a trap!
Signs, Not looking good.The Bloody StartAdjusting Makeup Fresh Meat
Taking The Kids outSnarl LureThe SmileLooking over Giving Nurse Ratchet a run for her moneyAftermathSailors GatheringRough WeddingMistress and her horde