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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Center Island 4

Well, it looks like I am almost out of pictures for this walk. Still waiting on some other pictures to come in, but time and tides they say. Needless to say we wondered to the end of the pier and back to the ferry again before calling it a day. It was a good one over all, nice weather, good light, and lots of interesting people to see. And that was just our group.

Hedge Maze
Hedge MazeHedge Maze

Break Water
On the Pier_PKE1323

Sail Ship

Lake Ontario Horizon
On the PierBreak Water

Cos-playersBeach Flag

Using the Green Wall
Using the Green WallUsing the Green Wall

Using the Green Wall
Using the Green WallLine Up

Toronto Skyline
Low BoatHeading Home

Patient Doggie

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Center Island 3

Well, I finished off stalking birds (read geese), had some lunch, then we went to crash a picnic like ants. The 8th Annual Cos-Play picnic was also happening that day as well. People dressing up like cartoon characters and other forms. There was a lot of Steam Punks out as well.
Stalking a Goose

SwimmingFellow Stalker

Old Wire, Old Tree
Old Wire, Old TreeOld Wire, Old Tree

Weapons for LunchFoamTOO CLOSE!!!


Colourful HairPicnic

Is that Tinkerbell?


Steam Punk Cowboy
Steam Punk CowboySteam Punk Cowboy

Steam Punk Cowboy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toronto Photo Walks: Center Island 2

Well, after hanging out at the stands watching the dragon boat races I got up and wandered off on my own. Generally the whole day was like that. No need to wander in a group. Lunch time was scheduled and the end pub was scheduled, other then that wander where you will. I found a good vantage point for the finish line and took some shots from there. Then for awhile I stalked water fowl. Why not, what's the worst that could happen?



Finish Line
Finish LineFinish Line

Finish Line
Finish LineFinish Line

MallardStalking a Seagull

Stalking a Seagull
Stalking a SeagullStalking a Goose

Stalking a Goose