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Friday, September 30, 2011

Winding Down The Wander

Well, the day drew to a close. Saw some great entertainment...ahhhh, belly dancers....buskers, heard some great music. Everything from good old rock and roll to blues. I lost track of a lot of my friends in the crowds. Ran across one or two here or there. Hey, we didn't have an itinerary. Just show up and shoot. And we did. People hate the city, but this past summer I have seen so much more of it from top to bottom. And more exploration will be happening. Going to be another busy weekend. Street Dancing
Street DancingStreet Dancing Clockwork, Wound Down
Winding UpWinding UpA little more please? Ummm, What? Waiting
Street ProseNeck, Neck, and Neck Belly Dancers
Belly DancersBelly Dancers Belly Dancers Belly DancersBelly Dancers Belting It Out The SingerThe Songwriter Street Rock and Roll
Street Rock and RollStreet Rock and Roll Street Rock and Roll

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kensington: Buskers, People, and Uh, People?

Right, the strangeness can come creeping up on you or trample you at full gallop. This is Kensington on Pedestrian Sundays. Mind you the strangeness isn't creepy, just odd, weird, more like a Fae kind of strange. The buskers are from all over. Some are staples of the Toronto scene, others breeze in and breeze out. Musicians here and there. Other things going on. Now the street performers can be a show in themselves. Ever hear of kid juggling? Neither had I till Sunday. Can I get a 'what what'? Kid JugglingKid Juggling Balancing Act Balancing ActBalancing Act Balancing Act Giving a lift.. Going.....Going.. Okay, so not going... Ready, One
..Two.....Three...RUN!!!! Skewed Unicycle Neo-Medieval?
A Man and his PuppetCreped Wheel

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kensington Market and Pedestrians

Ahhh, belly dancers... Oh right, there was other stuff going on. Well there was the street performers, musicians, and just people wandering around. The day was nice, sunny, warm but not too warm. So there was a bumper crowd of pedestrians. What else to say except, pictures....mmmm, belly dancers.....
Pedestrian Sundays: Belly Dancers
Pedestrian Sundays: Belly DancersPedestrian Sundays: Belly Dancers
Oh right....OTHER things to see.....
_PKE5158 _PKE5160_PKE5163 _PKE5164
_PKE5167Parked for the Pedestrians Mmm....cupcakes Always need Munitions.I will... Soul Child. GraffitiSo Many Feet.... Stand back, I know juggling Believe me, not as sharp as they look.Me, a chainsaw, and a Sunday Afternoon