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Friday, October 2, 2009

2007: The Fifth of this year.

Now we wind down the year of 2007 with odds and pieces that I can't really work into a theme. Just not enough to justify it at the moment. That will change though as I go forward. As I have shown, I will grab a shot of anything that stricks my fancy, or on a whim. Sometimes I think I have a concept, only to find it was drifted away. Others are just for fun, and some even, well speak for themselves.

Take for example this series of pictures:

That's a big ass crane. I was working at the time. They were in the process of putting a cooling unit on the roof of the building I was working in. Fairly tall building for Toronto, over 18 stories once you take into account the penthouse mechanical rooms.

Then there was Max. Max was a friend of a friends dog. My good friend Susie G. was dog sitting him well her friend was away on vacation. This would have been in late September. She would take him out for a walk and sometimes would end up at the local pub, the Slippery Boot. During the late fall if it was warm enough the street door from the dining area would be open, a garage style door. Sitting at the bar we could keep an eye on him and would pay attention to him when we went out for a smoke.

Of course some one had left an empty can behind so I decided to have some fun with the second picture.

Of course when you are working downtown in a big city, you see all sorts of things. I remember oned day where I saw a lot of runners showing up in my area early in the morning. Now you do see a fair number of runners in the core, I am talking hordes. I got up from my desk and went to the front of the building and the street was packed with people waiting to start some race or marathon. Personally I can't see getting up that early to put my body through hell.

Wall to wall people, what can I say?

Finally since it's Friday I will end with these pictures to get everybody in the proper mood. First, some class to start the day/evening.

Nov09-07 039Nov09-07 035Nov09-07 036
Nov09-07 037Nov09-07 040Nov09-07 033
Mission Hill winery in the Okanagan valley. A beautiful place, and they make some wonderful wines. Always try to grab a bottle when I can find it here in Ontario, and when I have the cash.

Finally, how most of us would probably spend there weekends:
Nov09-07 006Nov09-07 007Nov09-07 015
(oh yeah, these pictures were taken at the Hallowe'en party at my old pub)

So that's about it for 2007. At least all the pictures I saved. Next week I will be starting on 2008. Don't know how long that will be, I took a lot of pictures that year.


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