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Monday, October 19, 2009

2008: Introduction to the Beach

Beginning of July, I was called at work and asked what I was up to. Now I was working night shifts so this call came in about 11am. Susie wanted to know if I wanted to go to the Beaches with her and a friend of hers with their dogs. It was a gorgeous day so I accepted. Of course since I was finishing a 12 hour shift and I had to be back to work at midnight, it was going to be a long day. Some sacrifices must be made though and I was up to the challenge. I met up with Susie and Roger and we headed to the east end of Toronto.

Now Nietzsche had never been to a beach before, or experienced a large body of water. He had gone in a stream in the ravine close by his home so he was no stranger to water. Beaches were also a new thing to him as well. Of course I was there to document the whole thing. His companion on this day was AJ, a mix of coon hound and beagle. It was an interesting experience for all. Nietzsche was well trained at this point and would always come when called. AJ? Not so much. There was a dog friendly area that was fenced off, but any enterprising canine could find the holes, and AJ did. So Roger had to go chasing after him to bring him back.

These first few pictures were while Roger and I looked after the dogs because Susie had to find a parking spot. Like I said it was a beautiful day out.

In the BeachesNietzsche and A.J.Nietzsche and A.J. 2

They played around on the sand for a bit till Susie arrived then we went for the main event, swimming and fetching sticks from the lake.

Susie and Nietzsche 1Susie and Nietzsche 2Susie and Nietzsche 3

This was also the time when I started experimenting with some of the settings on my small point and shoot camera. This time it was the multi shot. Press once and take three pictures. I learned eventually that it doesn't always work out. It works enough though.

It was interesting to see two different types of dogs in action. Nietzsche loves water and swimming. You can't keep him out of any body of water. AJ? Well I guess water was too much like bathing. He would get close to it but would barely dampen his feet.

On the Rock 2Water dogs 1Water dogs 3

Nietzsche is a diver and a swimmer. Give him a platform and off he goes. We saw this for the first time at the beach when he used a rock as a spring board.

Fetch Part 4Fetch Part 5Fetch Part 6

It was a wonderful day out and we had fun. It was difficult dragging him away from the water but we had to go. I needed some sleep,and so did he.

Wet DogSusie and Nietzsche, On the Rocks.

Well we did go to a patio for a bit, he needed to dry off. Unfortunately by that time, my batteries had died. Over all it was a great day and everyone had fun. So until next time, keep walking.


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