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Thursday, October 8, 2009

2008: The coming of the puppy

Well one almost well documented time was when my friend Susie decided to get a puppy. She had been thinking about it for a couple of months and almost took Max in for her own. Well she got the fever so bad it was nothing she would talk about. About April the 14th, or earlier, she was checking out sites with puppies for sale. She found one site of a dog breeder in London Ontario. There were about 10 or so still left and she was undecided over two of them. One was called Patch and the other was called Rascal. Well on the 20th I was called and asked if I wanted to go on a road trip the next day to London. I was working nights at the time so I said sure, why not?

Well Monday morning we were off after I got home from work and cleaned up a bit. We got a little turned around going into London, but we eventually found where we had to be. It was a sight to behold 9 puppies at this time all looking cute as buttons and the mother and father hanging around as well. All the canines were Border Collie and German Shepard mix. There was a guess of some Labrador Retriever on the mother side, but not enough to show. Well Susie picked up Patch and was petting him, while Rascal was under her feet and vying for attention. Poor Patch just wanted to get away.

Well the decision was made and Rascal was chosen. Papers were exchanged and we were on our way back to Toronto. At this point I realized why I was dragged along. Guess who held and comforted the puppy all the way home. Yep, me. It was a good thing too. The cute rascal was constantly trying to crawl into Susie's lap. Couldn't let that happen on the busy highway.

Well we got back to her place and met a friend of hers that was in town, and practically turned around to go pet shopping. We needed a crate, toys, food, collar, etc. She did the picking and I did the carrying of Rascal, which wasn't what she ended up calling him.(later, it happened a week later.)

Well we got back to her place again, schlepped everything upstairs and proceeded to ensure that he was welcome. Finally I brought out my camera because I couldn't resist the cuteness any longer.

NietzscheNietzsche and baby 1Nietzsche and baby

He was tiny as you can see. Very curious and not shy about anything. That last picture though was a tad difficult to get set up. (LOOK A SQUIRREL factor with dogs). After he had been fed, a few messes cleaned up, the joys of house training a new dog. He started to calm down a bit and after playing with Susie he passed out.

Nietzsche and SusieNietzsche and me2Nietzsche and me1

Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures of him when he was small like that. Trouble was that he grew so fast.
I did grab a couple pictures in early May while he was still small:

After this he started to sprout. Here's some pictures of him in mid June. Remember he hasn't reached his full growth in these pictures.

Yep, we was sprouting quite quickly. Just a few more from June and I will end this sequence. Trust me I have a lot more of him from this time of my life and I like showing him off.

Well that's it for now. I am writing this late at night and I am ready for bed. I also apologize for no post on Wednesday. I kinda got distracted before I could sit down and right it. So I am for bed, while all you who are reading this are waking up so see you all later.


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