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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2008: Buildings in Toronto

A lot of people walk around and don't pay attention to what's around them. Due to my reading, training, and out look over all I do pay attention. I mean, one of the first things I do when I step outside anywhere is look up. As well I look at other things and every now and then I say to myself, "That looks cool." Okay so my language could use a little work in that aspect. But there's no other way I can express myself. Here in Toronto we have a wide range of architechture and styles. Everything from modern glass skyscrapers to old buildings that look like they have been around forever. Just in the downtown core you can have both types of buildings side by each.

For example, Roy Thomson Hall was one of my recurring targets when I was working downtown. Right across Simcoe Street you found St. Andrews church.

Roy Thomson HallSt Andrew's Church

Of course there are some...interesting buildings in the city too. The whole "Crystal" design for the Royal Ontario Museum was a long time in coming, but when it was done it was breath taking. Unfortunately there aren't nearly enough windows as the orginal design called for. A lot of the artifacts can't handle it anymore. Still though...

ROM CrystalROM CrystalROM Crystal

I think I will end here. My muse is running short and I will save some other pictures I have for another time. Enjoy.


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