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Monday, October 12, 2009

2008: Public Sculpture First

Well, let's get back to why I started taking a lot of pictures in the first place. This may be a bit of a rehash, but since it's been a few posts I will state it again. Back in 2006 I was walking with my mom in downtown Toronto. We were doing some errands looking for books for my brother in China that he had requested. My mom was also showing me some areas that she worked in back in the early 60's and giving a running commentary. We walked past a piece of sculpture that seemed ubiquitous in the core of the city.

The Community

That triggered a thought in my head. My brother loathes Toronto, he's what you would call a small town person. The smaller the better. Well I thought out loud that it would be a neat idea to wander around and take pictures of all the public art in Toronto to show him and his wife. Either by a picture CD or putting them up on the web.

Well it took me awhile to get my butt in gear to do it. And when I did I took off at the high port (army term, i.e. running). I started really from where I was working at the time near King and University. I knew of a few items in that area and it was like picking the low hanging fruit. As well I had been mentally documenting where other pieces were from my regular travels through the downtown core.

Needless to say the scope of my project grew. I still haven't completely found everything that there is to see in the core or the city. Here's a small sampling of some of the first sculptures that I documented.

Megaptera 1The Pasture 2Tembo 3

These were part of the first day, and all within minutes of each other by foot. I continued my walk that day and happened to grab a lot more pictures.

Three Way Piece No. 2 1Winston ChurchillHunter With Seal 2

This is just a small sample from my start of my quest, finding as many sculptures as I could. I found a few sites on the web that made my task a little easier. The best part was that I would just head out on days off or before work sometimes and just explore. I even found pieces that I never even knew of. I will be returning again, and again to this topic. There are a lot of stories out there and pictures that I have to show.

So until next time, keep walking.


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