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Friday, October 9, 2009

2008: The CN Tower

Writers block you have to hate it. Going through my pictures I decided to look at one of our city's icons and land marks. No matter where you go in Toronto you can see it standing there rising above it all. For decades it was the tallest free standing structure in the world. Alas it's fallen to second place now with the construction of the Burj Dubai in Dubai. Still it's impressive in it's size and engineering. I remember watching the tower being built from my backyard in downtown Toronto, and the final piece being put into place. So you could say it's been near and dear to me for a long time.

From the downtown core you can bracket the tower with almost anything around. From street car wires, to other buildings. Each view will change it's perspective.

CN TowerCN TowerCN Tower

From it's base it can be daunting just staring up at it.

CN TowerAug 22-08 078Aug 22-08 080

Since it's so high you can get some interesting pictures of it as well. Back dropped with clouds, in the clouds themselves, or now even at night.

Aug 22-08 082CN Tower at NightAbove the Clouds

It gives itself so many opportunities to explore creativity when using a camera and I know I have done so many times as well. Either through settings, or trying to frame it with other items, or catching it in the distance. I will continue to use it like this when ever I can. Many ways still I can think of of doing this that I haven't yet tried.

CN TowerCN TowerTower in the Distance

Well that's it for today. See you all next time.



  1. Have you ever walked up to the observation deck?

    My husband and I did it for a fundraiser a looooong time ago.

    Some people took the stairs too fast and ended up having to stop. Some threw up. It's really steep.

  2. Not yet, might have to try it some time. Only been up the tower once really. I have been in the top piece though, believe it or not.

  3. It is a lovely picture-story.....but, I must be so out-of-it.......would you not hit me if I asked what the building is? ....what it contains, what its name is, what its use is, how old it is, and who built it and why? :)

    --Ma Sands

  4. Hiya Ma Sands. The CN Tower was completed in 1976. It was mostly a radio telecommunications tower for a large part of southern Ontario. It has a resteraunt on the main ring along with a tourist observation level. It also higher up has another observation level as well. On clear days you can see as far as Buffalo New York. On the base level it has a few entertainment areas as well. Any other questions? :)

  5. What were you doing up there, Phil? ; )

    Ma Sands, part of the floor of the observation level is clear, so you can see right down. It makes me nervous!

    The view out the windows is lovely.

  6. Josephine, when they were completing the tower they had the final piece down on the harbour front. People were encouraged to go down and sign it. My mom took me and my siblings to go see it. I snagged a pen and crawled inside to sign my name. So that's why I can say I was in the top piece of the CN Tower.