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Monday, October 26, 2009

2008: Buses, Subways, and Platforms...

Okay, so I don't walk everywhere. I need to get to where I want to take pictures and I don't own a car. Living in Toronto this isn't that much of a problem. Even in the early morning hours it's possible to catch a bus going where I need to. This has allowed me to try all sorts of settings on my point and shoot camera. As well, some station platforms or access points have wonderful works of art, or interesting ones to capture.

One thing I have always been fascinated about is blurred shots done on purpose. The motion of fast moving cars, bikes, or trains. Using the 3 shot on my camera I was able to grab either trains in motion while I was staionary...

Incoming TrainIncoming TrainIncoming Train

Or while I was riding the front of the train...

Entering the StationLeaving the StationTracks Leading Hom

Buses can be boring really. I always seem to catch them coming and going...

Catching the BusBus Leaving

Some subway stations have works of art in them, well art work at the least. Some is good, some is nice to look at. From the way the city is talking we will be getting theme stations at certain stops like what they have done to Museum Station. Museum exits right in front of the Royal Ontario Museum, and is decorated to reflect this. The work was completed last year after about a year of remodelling it.

Museum StationMuseum StationMuseum Station

Museum StationMuseum StationMuseum Station

Other stations have mosaics or different styles. In fact you can usually tell a subway station by the ceramic tiles on the walls themselves.

Oct 05-08 095Dupont Station PlatformSpadina Station Platform

I will end this post now. Remember when walking, half the fun is the journey itself, not just the destination. Keep walking or riding the bus.


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