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Friday, October 23, 2009

2008: Mornings.

Mornings, as a security guard working the night shift I saw a lot of them. I don't mind mornings that much, I just like them on my terms. So with my camera in hand I took the mornings and used the opportunity to catch the sunrises when I could. It's amazing how the light changes in the area at different times of the year. Or in different weather conditions. Take this picture for example.

August 10th Sunrise

You have to see it in a larger size to catch the light. It was if I recall one of those days were it was raining with the cloud cover just over us and the sun was "under" the cloud cover. The way it was filtered through was just breathtaking.

Other mornings were typical in the summer. I would catch the light off buildings, through buildings and between buildings.

Sun on the City SkylineSeptember 8th MorningCN Tower Mornng

All these pictures were taken in the downtown core where I was working. I wasn't there all the time though. Sometimes I was other places and caught other scenes. Like down at the beach.

The Beach in the MorningSunrise Early WarningEarly Morning Walkers
That was a journey. I was on a mission which I will talk about in a separate post.

Not all mornings are sunshine and glory, you get the cloudy days as well which have a light and dark beauty all there own. When the clouds are high and rolling, or low and foreboding. They are all there to be appreciated as well. Sometimes it will suit a mood, or bring you into one.

Clouds Rolling InLow CloudsEye in the Sky
I am always keeping my eyes open. Watching and looking. I seem to have my eyes to the sky most often. I guess it's the light and the dreams I used to have. I haven't always walked. Anyway keep walking and looking for those sunrises.


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