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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2008: Public Sculpture, Details part 1

Looking over my pictures of what I started at I remember why I took so many pictures of each individual piece. A single picture sometimes isn't enough to show what a piece is about. Some pieces have some fine detail that you catch on a second look, or it's just too large to take in all at once. Some of the locations are a little tight and can be difficult to get a proper picture. As well some pieces are more then just one piece in one set spot. So from here on in I will be talking about one or two pieces depending on how many pieces or pictures that I took. I will start at the beginning of what I started with.

One of the first pieces I took a picture of was "Megapetra" or "great wings" by George Schmerolz. It is in front of 121 King St. West in Toronto if you want to look for it on a map. It's a pair of hunchback whales done in bronze and granite. I find it amazing how some of these artists seem to mesh stone and metal so seamlessly.

Megaptera 1Megaptera 2Megaptera 3

I am also including a links to all three pictures in large size. First, second, and third.

Not far from here is the work called "The Pasture" by Joe Fafard. It's just south between two buildings from Megapetra. I found it by accident actually. I finished taking my pictures of the whales and looked south and saw a bunch of cows on a grassy lawn. Of course I knew that the weren't real, but I had to go check it out anyway. There are 6 of the bronzes just lying there. Spread out it looks quite natural if you have seen cows lying down. Only after examining them do you realize that there are 2 or 3 pieces that have been copied to get the total number.

The Pasture 1The Pasture 2The pasture 3

Facing east, facing north, and finally facing south.

The final piece I will look at today is "The Hand" by Sorel Etrog(might have to dedicate a post or two on him alone). It's located about a half block down on University Ave, south of King St. It's a rather...interesting piece. All I can say to describe it is that it looks like a hand. You have to see it to understand.

The Hand 1The Hand 2The Hand 3

An interesting note. I took all three pictures within minutes of each other. Automatic point and shoot cameras will adjust lighting when you most often don't want it to sometimes. These pictures were some of the first ones I started taking when I began my journey. One day I will return to "redo" the shots with a better camera. For now they serve their purpose.

Until next time, keep walking.


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