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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2008: They All Can't Be Gems

I have recieved a few compliments on my pictures. I do admit some are sheer strokes of genius. Today we won't be talking about those ones. Today we will look at the rogues gallery of bad photography. *insert dread music here*

I have mentioned this before, and will probably beat myself over the head about it again. It doesn't matter what you do some times you will take bad pictures. I keep mine around to remind myself of what the hell I did wrong. Mind you I am not the idiot at fault with a bad picture, some times it was the situation. Other times I was moving to fast to get that perfect moment. Then there's the time when you deal with one of the two worst things in show business. So let's start on this small step into the unknown and unknowable.

A steady hand is a good thing when taking pictures. Alcohol and too much coffee will defeat this. I am not saying that I drink too much of either, just that I have been known to imbibe on occasion. Still all joking aside you can get a little camera shake that just throws off your shot. Cases in example:

In all the above pictures I was standing still looking for a good shot. Needless to say I didn't get it. There were probably mitigating factors for some of them, like moving people, low light, not enough sleep, regardless. It happens.

Now there are a few other things as well. Experimenting, judging by eye, and not thinking. These can lead to some interesting shots. Take these ones for example.

Trying a new technique with the first two, I was trying to reduce the "red eye" effect with a business card to direct the flash upward instead of forward. I think alcohol may have been a factor, alas it didnt' turn out too well. the last one was where I went by eye and thought the lighting was perfect. Well, it wasn't and low light combined with camera shake ruined what I thought was a perfect picture. I learned something I could do later on, and I may try the same time for the picture I was looking for.

Now dealing with animals can do some interesting things to your pictures. I think it was W.C. Fields who mentioned something about working with animals and children. Lucky me most children I have dealt with have been good. Animals on the other hand....:

I guess trying to take a picture of two dogs playing on top of your feet doesn't help matters much at all.

I think there's one more category of bad picture, and ruined shots. Not watching where things are. Fingers, feet, items, oh and what the heck you are shooting in the first place:

Shiny metal doesn't work with flash, you would think I would have learned that by this time. Feet, or toes of shoes, in a shot that you didn't want. Finally....what the heck was I shooting again? Trust me I know what I was thinking for that last one. A 'smoke' filled trash can. Don't worry I will get to it eventually and all will be made clear.

So as I go forward I will try not to torture you with many more bad photographs. You never now, it could change. So until next time have fun.


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