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Friday, October 30, 2009

2008: More Puppy

Couldn't really think of what to talk about for today. So I dove into my Flickr account and looked at my sets. I figure I have two more posts to do on Nietzsche and here I go. Now Susie was doing as much as possible with him. Taking him every where and where ever she could. Needless to say she was spending a lot of time out doors. I didn't care. He's a great dog and loving too. It was amazing how many excursions we went on. I loved the randomness of the time that summer and early fall. Of course we had to drive everywhere to get anywhere.

I always made sure that I had my camera with me. And sometimes spare batteries even. The trips to where we were going were fun. Trying to keep Nietzsche out of the front seats was and still is hilarious. In the warm times he does like hanging his nose out the window.

Nietzsche Over My Shoulder

He is an irascable pup. Always wanting to be the center of attention. that means he has to be right beside you always. Of course some places frown upon this. Like bars, and pubs with patios. Something to do with the health regulations I think. So he trys to sneak in until we shoo him out again.
Nietzsche Being Naughty

He does get some attention though. A lot of wandering people and kids. He's great with the wee ones too. Oh and other dogs as well. He loves to play.

A New FriendPlayingPlaying4

Now Susie can be a bashful girl. A lovely lady I do believe.

Please Don't, I Can't See You

But this isn't about her. I just had to throw that one in(I am probably going to get my ear talked off about that one. :)).

Well, I thought I had some other pictures around here somewhere with kids and a patio. Unfortunately I can't find them. I will search high and low till I track them down. Save them for another post then. And remember, sometimes you can rest during the walk.


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