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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2008: Videos I Shot

I think I mentioned in a previous post that my camera is capable of taking video footage. It's not great video, but at times it's sufficient for what I want some times. Eventually I think I may get a dedicated video camera for stuff that I see and to document other occasions as well. It's an interesting exercise I learned when using it. The format is a MJpeg footage. In order to post on Youtube I have to convert it too another format first. Thank goodness for Windows Movie Maker on XP and later platforms. I orginally just threw the video in and just created a WMV file then uploaded it to youtube for other peoples viewing and too share. I have done some experimentation with Movie Maker as well and will probably be doing a few more using pictures I have shot as the medium and throw some music in as well. More on that in a later post.

One of the first videos I took and posted was up at my friends place in Simcoe County. Off their back deck they had one of those large wind chimes that didn't tinkle but was more deeper and melodious. I liked the sound and took a short video of it. Here's the result:

It took a bit of figuring out to do, but I got it done.

Another video I took was at night when I was wandering around down town and the water front. The CN Tower had just installed a whole bunch of LED lights and every hour for about five minutes they would go through a beautiful display. This video is a little rough, I will probably return to it and clean it up a bit more. This was just the raw footage converted to be displayed. No sound just the light show.

It's a little dark mind you, but you can get an idea of what we see at night when we look down town on the hour. The CN tower also does light themes for different occasions as well.

And for this post a fun thing that I saw at Nuit Blanche in October of 2008. An artist for a project called Blinken Lights used the Toronto City Hall as a back drop for a pixel kind of light show. It was called "Stereoscope" and had moving lights and what looked like a game of Pong going on with a score being shown from time to time. As well there was music playing in time to the moving lights. This one turned out fairly well with the lighting and stuff. The sound not so good. The crowd in front of the building was huge, and you hear a lot of people talking in my vicinity of where I was shooting the footage. All in all a nice video I think.

I have a few more video's I have taken and posted to my Youtube account. Some better, some strange, and a few that are not so good. I may show them another time. Just a word of warning for everyone out there. Just because a camera can take pictures and video doesn't exactly mean you should. I will still do so because it's all I have at the time. All a step along the path of my hobby. Knowing what a thing is capable of, frustration of not getting exactly what you wanted, and desire to do better. That's what has been my driving force for the past two years. Anyway, enjoy the videos and keep walking.


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  1. Chromatically Aberrated Chimes are creepy