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Monday, September 9, 2013

Awenda Weekend I

Okay, back to the grind again. Let me tell you the wait is going to be worth it. Back around may someone had the bright idea of going camping. A few people chimed in saying that they were game and the planning began. The date was scheduled, rides were cadged and offered. Gear was tallied and away we went. Some went up on the Friday others arrived on Saturday and one person just came for the day. We lucked out and there was no rain.

The destination? Awenda Provincial park outside of Penetanguishine, Ontario. I have been there before in the fall, so this was a return for me. We arrived at our camp sites and set up tents, took pictures and awaited other arrivals. Needless to say there was lots of green.

The Things One SeesThe CampsiteJust in Case

The Single TentLiving LargeChipmunk Rug

Really FlatHeading Back to SiteOfficial Minion

Next ArrivalParking the HogAnd Done

Zombie HuntingFull CampsiteIt's The Journey

The Early BirdsMorning PrepChecking for Signal


  1. Hi Phil, realwest posting annonymously again!!
    Some excellent shots here - really good ones.
    But how do you pronounce "Penetanguishine" and who is the doofus with one neon pink and one neon green, uh, shoes?!?!


  2. Pen-eh-tang-woo-sheen. And Michael isn't a doofus. It's the croc version of "Left, port, red," and "Right, starboard, green". He's the one with the sexy limp. Great guy, Israeli BTW, and awesome sense of humour. You can check out some of his pictures (okay all of them) here:

    Hmmm, that gives me an idea...