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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Awenda Weekend VIII

The end of the day. We had returned to the camp site, eaten dinner, some of us changed into dryer clothes, and got ourselves ready for the evening. The skies had cleared up mostly. No more overcast. This meant that we might have a great sunset to shoot. We bundled ourselves into our vehicles, tripods and cameras at hand, and returned to the beach that we were scouting out before hand.

There were a few people down there as well. Some sitting on rocks watching the sunset. Children playing in the water and clambering over the rocks. And us, setting up tripods, adjusting settings, and taking pictures of all and sundry. It was worth the wait, and worth the trip.

Atop the RockSolo StepSunset Lit Rock

Lonely PerchThe Fearless ExplorersFurther Out

Onto the Next RockBalanceAnd Go

Evening ShoreThe Sun SetsTogther They Survey

And WaitAnd RestAs do the photographers

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