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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Public Sculpture: Front Street

I know I talked about Wellington and Front street a little while ago. There is a bit more hanging out a little further east. Let's say from York to Yonge along Front. When I first started my "little" project over a year and a half ago I didn't expect to find so many objects. This is one area that showed the errors of my ways.

Let's start off with York and Front street, more specifically the south west corner.
The piece is called "Triad", fairly tall piece just towering over the intersection. Also rather difficult to get a good shot of it. One way you are practically in the York intersection, other ways there are people and stuff in the way. I originally tried taking a couple of pictures at night, the less said about that the better.
Moving east it gets rather busy with artwork. In the middle of Front street between the "Royal York" hotel and Union Station there's one of those street islands. It's filled with trees, flowers and ummm "Sunflower"?
Steel pieces rusting in the weather. I sometimes wonder what the life span is on such works of art. It's one of those pieces you can actually miss if you are in a rush.

In front of Union Station there's a piece called "Monument to Multiculturalism". Don't get me started on that ideology. It's a nice piece to look at though. At the moment there's a lot of work going on in front of Union Station. The last time I was in the area a couple of weeks ago the area it was located was blocked off and boarded off. The statue wasn't in evidence. I hope it's in storage and will return to it's place of display.
Monument to MulticulturismMonument to MulticulturismMonument to MulticulturismMonument to Multiculturism
I think I have covered enough for the moment. More on this area to show off. Or you could walk on down there yourself and see.

Paladin Phil

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