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Monday, December 7, 2009

Public Sculpture: Sky Dome and Environs

Well it's the start of a new week and it's time for me to rouse out my muse and see what I can do this time. I am sorry about last week, for some reason I could not write a thing. Staring at the computer screen just wasn't prying any words out of me. Any way as I mentioned sometime last week or the week before, public art seems to be clustered at times in certain areas. The Sky Dome and Metro Toronto Convention Center is another area that it happens. Okay, it's not called the Sky Dome anymore, it's now The Rogers Center. It will always be the Sky dome to me, but that's beside the point.

Walking around the MTCC and Sky Dome there's quite a few pieces. One piece that is on Front street in front(?) of the MTCC is "Eloges de Fontenelle". It's two rather large piece made of steel and rusted, or is the correct term oxidized? One curves outward to the street, and one curves inward to the building. I can't say too much more than that and just go to the pictures.
Eloges de FontenelleEloges de FontenelleEloges de FontenelleEloges de Fontenelle
The Sky Dome itself is a work of art and engineering. I have been inside it once or twice, and it has become rather iconic as well. Being based near the bottom of the CN Tower was a good choice in one sense, and been great fodder for comedians for a few reasons....
The Sky Dome itself has two parts or pieces on the north face. One on the north east corner called Audience, and the north west corner called Audience 2. Huge pieces made of fiberglass and painted bronze. They are what you would call typical people you would find in the stands at any sporting event. First the north east piece:
The AudienceThe AudienceThe Audience
(I get a kick out of that third photo for some reason)
And now the north west piece:
The Audience 2The Audience 2The Audience 2
There's a hotel in the Sky Dome and the entrance on the north side has a fountain in front of the main entrance. The it's more then a fountain though. The title of the piece is "Spiral Fountain". I know, real original, at least it looked more than a spiral at the least. A fair sized work in bronze, there was a smallish fountain as a part of it, but there were mostly plants and shrubs incorporated into the area around it.
Spiral FoutainSpiral FountainSpiral Fountain
Well, it looks like I have done a fair bit of writing for today. I will come back to this area, probably tomorrow, and show off some more pictures of this area. Still more to come. When all else fails and you have lost more muse, go walking. You may recover her along the way.
Paladin Phil

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