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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Public Sculpture: Wellington and Front Streets.

It's a Monday Tuesday *sigh* Wednesday again, hopefully I won't be as badly effected by some writer block this week. Still waiting for the "Writers Block and Tackle" to deal with such problems. I mentioned how some sculptures seemed to be clustered in Toronto. Well the whole area from Simcoe Street to John Street on Wellington and Front have quite a few in that location. I talked about a few last week, and I will finish up this area for the moment until I find some more. I am sure that they are lurking around somewhere for me to locate. I keep stumbling across new pieces when I return to the areas to review and update my pictures.
Any way lets see how far I can get today before stumbling. West on Wellington street, past John street, is a a series of poles. Atop the poles are ribbons and banners done up in festive colours, and set up as if in a constant breeze. The title of the piece is "Fairgrounds". I can see that, some fairs I have been too will have flag poles like that and it does lend a festive air to the entrance or area. Especially with a nice breeze to get the banners snapping.
The next spot to hit is on Front street itself, east of John street and directly across from the Metro Toronto Convention Center. There's three pieces located in a small park there, none of them with anything in common. I will save the third piece for a seperate post.
The most outstanding piece in the park is called "Mountain". Pieces of aluminum stacked up to the peaks. It is rather impressive when you get up close and personal to it. I guess we have mountain envy here in Ontario.
Just to the east of "Mountain" is a sort of memorial. What it commenorates is the first landing and start of the settlement of York, which eventually became Toronto. I found it to be an interesting piece. It's set up like a tent, with a map board inside with a copy of one of the original maps used in the settlement of the area. There are also two pictures of the leaders Lord John Graves Simcoe and his wife.
Campsite FoundingCampsite FoundingCampsite Founding
Campsite FoundingCampsite FoundingCampsite Founding
You will have to forgive me for some of the pictures. It was difficult getting the right angle at the time for the perfect view. Once more I had found history along my travels. Anyway, that's the best I can do this morning. See you all next time, and hopefully I will be able to beat this writers block.

Paladin Phil

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