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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Public Sculpture: Sky Dome and Environs Part 2

Well since there's enough stuff to talk about with just one more post I will get it over and done with today. After all I still have tons of stuff to show off. Especially everything from this fair city. Well, some areas are fair. Anyway onwards we go.

Not far from the Sky Dome, within a stone throw, is a memorial. It's a fair sized one and quite detailed. It commemorates all the Chinese rail workers, actually the name of it is "Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers in Canada". like I said it's just west of the sky dome and it's south of what's left of the rail lines that come into Toronto. Years ago the whole area between Front street and Lakeshore were rail lines for all the traffic going through Toronto. So the location is very suitable. Especially when you actually see the memorial.
Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers in Canada.Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers in Canada.Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers in Canada.Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers in Canada.

I walked around the south west corner of the Sky Dome towards the east side. When I arrived at the space between the Dome and the CN Tower there was a wonderful sight awaiting my camera.
Salmon Run
A large fountain with cut outs of fish in the basin and "ascending" the fall of water from the top. The title of the fountain is "Salmon run". It's a good set up with benches, seating at the bottom and trees around the area to provide shade. I found it to be a very nice place to relax for a bit along my way.
Salmon RunSalmon RunSalmon RunSalmon Run
Finally I made my way towards the south side of the Metro Toronto Convention Center. There were two pieces here that I needed to capture for my trek to be complete for the day. The first one is rather appropriate, if not really simple. The piece is actually two pieces, both the same look flanking the entrance to the MTCC. The name of the work is "Snom'n". Yep, they are what the name sounds like, done in bronze so it will take a major catastrophe to melt these suckers. No more needs to be said about them except show pictures.
Behind the "Snowm'n" in the last picture you can see the final sculpture I was looking for. This one was done by the same sculptor of the snow men and is titled "Woodpecker Column". Yeah, he knows how to come up with original names for his work. At least you don't have to guess what he's trying to do with it. The name says it all, except you have to realize the scale. Each woodpecker is big, bigger then I am in fact, and there's three of them on this column designed to look like an insect infested trunk. Good details on the birds though. I will have to return with the proper camera to really document the detail on them. Later though.
Woodpecker ColumnWoodpecker ColumnWoodpecker ColumnWoodpecker Column
Well that's it for this area, I think. I may have to double check some of my resources. If I have to return to the area no problem. Lots of stuff to see there when you are walking.

Paladin Phil


  1. Curiously, the Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railway Workers in Canada was made by Canadian Jewish artist, Eldon Garnet, and French-Canadian artist Franicis LeBouthillier. In fact, Garnet won the commission, thought of the concept, while all the actually work was done by LeBouthillier.

  2. Thanks for the info Kenneth. It's amazing what I am finding out about some of the artists, or pieces.